Sunrise show experiential activation


television / set_design / set_construction / marketing / experiential_marketing / event_design / event_installation / ideation / creative direction / production design

Strangeways in collaboration with “Zing ” created 10 meter wide realistic map of Australia that was computer cut and covered in fake grass.Installed in front of the main Woolworth’s store in Sydney, and seen live on the Sunrise show, 30 children under the presenters supervision placed various fruits and vegetables on the map onto curtain areas upon each state to represent and show the audience were farmers grow curtain produce around Australia. To enhance the Australian farmer ” Real OZI” produce vibe, the activation also had children eating apples out of a bucket of water to emulate a farmers country fair whist making it fun for the punters on position Woolworths as having great access to such a wide range of produce around Australia . All the positioning of the produce seen on the map once in situ was spoken about by the presenter as a way of conveying visually to the audience as to were those fruits or vegetables are grown from within each state.